Teaching Tips 

With decades in the classroom, Cicogna now guides new teachers and offers help to parents. 

Cicogna began teaching in the New York City Public Schools in 1987, witnessing firsthand the hardships of children facing poverty and violence. After a  move to Phoenix in 2001, Cicogna realized that many of his high school students had never read an entire book. He was determined to change that. 

He was to inspired to write a novel that would capture the attention of his students. Handing out  copies of the first draft of A Sign of the Times, his students became excited about reading. They didn't even realize that their teacher, who has a passion for history, was sneaking in lots of information that had finally captured their attention. 

Today Cicogna works at the university level, guiding student-teachers who will be in classrooms from kindergarten to the last year of high school, to develop skills and strategies to reach struggling students.


With the recent move to so much online education and parent-led instruction, he is more determined than ever to help adults become proficient in educating our youth.  

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